Ultra-Wealthy Owner

Due to their unique position of coming across great wealth either through having built and sold a thriving business enterprise or through inheritance, Ultra-wealthy owners have unique and complex wealth management needs. While they are experts in wealth creation in their respective trade, they are less experienced in the areas of wealth preservation, asset allocation, succession planning, trust creation, to name a few. Many do not have the time or wherewithal to focus on family issues that really is the reason why they have been spending their energies building their wealth.  

Whilst many face inter-generational issues of consensus and conflicts, they mostly have to ignore these nagging issues until it usually becomes too complex or too late. (The Hong Kong Billionaire Stanley Ho case is such an example). This inability to address such issues is really a function of how private Asian families tend to be and also really because there aren’t many sources to which they can approach for help. SFO-Asia hopes to be able to assist on such issues early on in order to provide a healthy environment for legacy and succession planning.

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